Preventive Maintenance Management Software

Automate management of recurring work orders and ensure your service suppliers are always proactively taking care of your properties.

Everyday Work Orders

Simplify Routine Preventive Maintenance

Effortlessly oversee regular maintenance tasks to prevent issues before they arise, ensuring your properties remain in top condition without the hassle.

Supplier Scheduling

Proactively Plan Recurring Maintenance Work

Organise recurring maintenance activities so work orders can be scheduled on an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar by your suppliers, for timely assignment and dispatch.

Flexible Reminders

Notify Suppliers of Upcoming Maintenance Work

Reduce no-shows and tenant inconvenience, while ensuring consistency and reliability in property upkeep, with service reminders sent to suppliers when a work order is due.

Preventive Maintenance Software for Healthier & Happier Properties

Reduce maintenance costs and ensure work gets done consistently on time, every time.

Preventive Maintenance Management FAQs

Preventive maintenance involves regular, planned maintenance to prevent potential problems and extend the life of property equipment.
Property managers can create work orders for regular maintenance work which can then be scheduled by the suppliers in their calendar as recurring jobs, assigned to a technician, and dispatched when needed.
Maintaining properties regularly, and catching issues early, for example, during an inspection, preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of costly major repairs and downtime.
Yes, asking for supplier quote requests and creating, managing, and tracking work orders from start to finish is simple and intuitive with i4T Maintenance.
Regular maintenance ensures that tenant spaces remain functional and disruptions are minimised, leading to higher tenant satisfaction and retention.

See What Next-level Preventive Maintenance Looks Like

Stop reacting to service requests, and start planning maintenance work better. Schedule a demo today and see how you can reduce costs and improve property care.
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