Residential Property Maintenance Management Software

Maintaining homes can be hard work. We bring one comprehensive and fully connected PropTech solution to empower your communities and deliver an experience homeowners and property occupants will love!

Manage Multiple Sites

Single Family Homes

Get your precious time back as you grow your portfolio of single-family homes with comprehensive maintenance solutions, ensuring every residence is safe and well-maintained.

Integrate Solutions

Apartments & Multi-Family Units

Keep your maintenance managers, supervisors, and technicians connected as you organise work orders across apartments and multi-family units and ensure tenant satisfaction.

Manage Compliance

Town Houses

Leverage the power of preventive maintenance as you maintain common areas in your communities to keep maintenance costs low and keep up with your compliance game.

Automate Workflows

Real Estate & Strata

Easily compare supplier quotes, automate work orders, and track progress as you take your real estate and strata maintenance management to the next level of service excellence.

Achieve Shorter Response Times for Your Residential Property Maintenance Requests

Simple property maintenance with one integrated solution built to match your business’s exact needs.

Residential Property Maintenance FAQs

It’s a platform designed to help property managers streamline and oversee maintenance tasks, ensuring efficient repairs and upkeep for residential properties.
The software centralises all maintenance requests and automates workflows, allowing property managers to quickly assign tasks and suppliers to respond faster.
Yes, tenants can easily report repairs and maintenance issues through a dedicated tenant app, ensuring prompt communication and resolution.
The platform tracks supplier certifications and compliance documents, ensuring only qualified and compliant professionals handle property maintenance.
Our platform is versatile and supports a range of residential properties, including single-family homes, multi-family units, apartments, townhouses, real estate, and strata properties.

See What Next-level Residential Property Maintenance Looks Like

No more headaches managing multiple properties and handling never-ending service requests. Book a Demo today to transform your operations and tenant experience once and for all!
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