Tenant Management Software

Transform tenant experience, streamline communication, and give them more transparency and control for every service request they place, with a branded Tenant App.

Service Request Management

Let Tenants Report Issues Anytime!

A fully integrated white-labeled tenant management app allows property owners and occupants to request repairs and maintenance services anytime!

Live Updates

Keep Tenants in the Loop Throughout The Job

Real-time job notifications let your tenants know when a service supplier is on their way to service the property and the status of the job from start to finish.

Feedback Management

Measure Tenant Satisfaction with Service Rating

Hear your tenants out and ensure you always deliver a service that they love, with supplier ratings at the end of every completed work order.

Manage Your Tenants, Your Way

Easy to use, white-labeled Tenant App, fully customisable to match your business needs.

Tenant Management App FAQs

It means that property management companies can have a fully customisable platform built with their company logo, having their selected suppliers for tenants to choose from and place service requests.
By providing a direct channel for repair reporting and service requests, the Tenant App ensures timely maintenance, enhancing tenant satisfaction and property appeal.
Yes. The app is always available for the tenants to place their service requests, whether it’s placed after-hours or during holidays, so they no longer have to wait for their repairs.
Currently, the white-labeled app comes as part of the i4T Maintenance fully integrated platform, free of cost.
The property managers can choose whether they want tenants to pass jobs directly to the service suppliers or raise an issue with the property manager first, who will then choose the best supplier for the job and create a work order.

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